Power Washing Charleston SC

Do you need Power Washing Charleston SC area? Then you have come to the right place. We provide amazing power washing services to the Charleston area. We use a soft washing method with a custom formulated wash mix that is applied with low pressure. It contains chlorine (to kill mold and mildew); surfactants (to lift and agitate the surface); foamers (to add cling to the mix); water softners (to keep windows, glass, and siding from streaking, much like a rinse aid in a dishwasher); and buffers (to make the mix safe for landscaping). After the mix is applied we rinse away all the particulates left from that process with clean water. When the Charleston Pro Wash vehicle pulls away from your home your house will be super clean, brightened with streak free windows, glass, and siding.


So when you are read for a superior home cleaning call (843) 608-9070; or follow the “free estimate” link at the top right of the page. If you want to read more about our power washing Charleston SC services follow this link: Power Washing Charleston SC


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Power Washing Charleston SC

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Got Rust Stains?

We can remove those rust colored irrigation stains from your driveway, sidewalk, or house! Call (843) 608-9070


Customer Reviews

S. Adams - Charleston,SC Very pleased! I have used multiple Charleston area pressure wash companies in the past, and have always seemed to find something about the service that I thought lacked. NOT the case with Charleston Pro Wash! The guy that came was very professional, polite, and more importantly respectful of my property. He did a great job, even answered my questions regarding the cleaners he was using. When he was finished, my home looked perfect, no residue or streaks as I had seen by others I had used. My landscaping was undisturbed and all evidence of his visit was gone. I will no longer be trying different companies in the future. Very satisfied and a great value.

Pressure Washing

Charleston Pro Wash

Pressure Washing Services
Charleston Pro Wash did an amazing job pressure washing my house, driveway, and sidewalk. It all looks better than new. I highly recommend them!

by Sherry: 5.0 April 25, 2012 *****